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Consultation with the Doctor

Wow doctors sure ask a lot of questions on the way to health, but I understand why.

Yesterday I had my first consultation with Park Nicollet Bariatric and … It went great! I was so nervous I was shaking, I kept trying to breath and calm myself.

Check in was easy, waiting was hard but not a long wait. Just thinking about what I’m doing scares me.

However, I’m still going ahead with it. We talked a lot and after going over my history with weight, my love/hate relationship with food, and my horrible ability to maintain a medical regiment, we think surgery will be the right choice for me.

Next week I see a Dietitian, week after that I see a Therapist for an evaluation. Before I can even think of surgery I need to get started on fixing the reasons I eat horribly.

I’m trying to do this with my insurance, and they also require a 3 month phone program. So after I go to these next appointments we will get this started.