The Ever Expanding Vocabulary

This isn’t official, this isn’t perfect. There is probably a lot I don’t have listed. I’ll add more as I learn more, or you tell me more.

Here is a LIST of the Vocabulary, the Jargon, of Cosplay

Anime: Japanese animation

Artist Alley: a place where artists set up booths to sell their artwork, but they don’t have enough to be in the dealers room. Tends to be newer artists.

Carmell Dansen: A swedish song that people dance to by mimicking flopping ears and swinging their hips from side to side.

Chibi: Japanese for short, short often implies cute. Often anime characters have Chibi versions with shortened bodies and larger heads and eyes.

Convention/Con: A gathering of people for the purpose of learning/enjoying more about a like minded thing.

Cosplay: To dress in costume and play as a character

Costumer: To design/sew/make costumes

Crossplay: dressing in costume as a character of the opposite gender.

Dealers Room: Room were goods are sold that relate to the focus of the convetion

Fan Service – Things/actions made to please fans.

Furry – a person in full body ‘fur’ costume complete with mascot head

gijinka = cosplay style for anthropomorphising )human representation of non human)

Glomp: a Tackle/hug

LARP : Live Action Role Play – playing as a character not yourself, often in a group.

Original Costume: Costume based on original character design.

panel: event at a convention which focuses on one topic

WIP: Work in Progress. This is generally pictures of the progress of costumes as they come along.




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