Cinderella and Fairy Godmother Convergence 2016


Hello my lovers of costuming and cosplay! Its really late in coming as we are closer to Convergence 2017 than 2016 at this point, but finally I am making a post. Before last convergence, as I was trying to get my podcast started, a lot of things happened. I interviewed people, I was getting all setup up then… My mom was found to have cancer. Well, I set aside a lot of things, and went to help with that. My fiance’s Father died. I got sick. Then we moved. Most recently some of my family members died in a horrible fire. So it’s been a rocky couple of years. During all this, I haven’t put a lot of time into the thing I truly love, creating costumes.

The only real costumes I made for Convergence were Cinderella, worn by the lovely Heather Logan, and my Fairy Godmother. The Fairy godmother was my old prom dress, and a skirt I had purchased at a sale from a theater, and an old costume wig I owned that I had never used.

The Cinderella though… that took some time. Heather has always wanted to do Disney, and I’m sure there will be many more Cinderellas to come. She found a base blue dress that fit her, and we altered it. Changed the back to a corset, added on the sleeves, puffy sides, added in tons of layering into the skirt. I had to do a LOT of hand stitching on this because I was adding onto an already made dress. In the end, I did the white side puffs as a separate removable piece in case she wants to reuse the dress or side puffs for alternate costuming or change their shapes.

We also did a found costume theme of the Muppets, using Items we already mostly owned. I was Rawlf, Heather was Miss Piggy, and my lovely friend Motavia was Animal.