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May update: no changes

I’ve talked to the dietician, an I’m logging my food. Doing the My Plate idea, seeing how it works. She wants me getting more fruits and veggies and some dairy in.

Is it weird that everyone is like “why dairy?” Apparently I’m not the only one in my friends group who doesn’t like to drink milk.

I’ve started using a Bullet Journal to keep track of things and I’m liking it a lot.

I’m still trying to work out.


A this point, no weight has been lost.

Consultation with the Doctor

Wow doctors sure ask a lot of questions on the way to health, but I understand why.

Yesterday I had my first consultation with Park Nicollet Bariatric and … It went great! I was so nervous I was shaking, I kept trying to breath and calm myself.

Check in was easy, waiting was hard but not a long wait. Just thinking about what I’m doing scares me.

However, I’m still going ahead with it. We talked a lot and after going over my history with weight, my love/hate relationship with food, and my horrible ability to maintain a medical regiment, we think surgery will be the right choice for me.

Next week I see a Dietitian, week after that I see a Therapist for an evaluation. Before I can even think of surgery I need to get started on fixing the reasons I eat horribly.

I’m trying to do this with my insurance, and they also require a 3 month phone program. So after I go to these next appointments we will get this started.